WyeSoft Chess

Play chess, as well as draughts/checkers and several chess variants, against
other players online, against a bot, or against another player on the same device.


WyeSoft Chess - The Knight's Tour

A mathematical puzzle in the form of a single-player chess variant, involving just a single knight.
The aim is to move the knight around the board, visiting each square once and only once.


WyeSoft Hangman

An HTML-based hangman game, where you have the
option of categories such as Sci-Fi Films and Rock Bands.


WyeSoft Tower of Hanoi

An HTML-based puzzle game, where the aim is the move all of the discs
from the starting rod to one of the other rods, following a few simple rules.


WyeSoft Peg Solitaire

An HTML5 version of the traditional board game, peg solitaire.
There are also downloadable Android and PC versions available.


WyeSoft Video Poker

An HTML5 version of WyeSoft's video poker game.
There are also downloadable Android and PC versions available.



Blacknova Traders

A classic HTML-based, MMO space trader game. Explore the universe, trade resources,
claim or even create planets, gradually upgrade your ship, and battle enemy players.


TradeWars 2002

The original MMO space trader game, and the game that BNT is based on.
Play TradeWars via our browser applet.


Clone Invader

An MS-DOS clone of the classic arcade shooter, Space Invaders, powered by js-dos.


Commander Keen

A classic MS-DOS side-scrolling platform shooter game by Apogee / id Software, powered here by js-dos.
Both of the shareware episodes, Episode 1: Marooned on Mars, and Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle, are available.



A retro-style arcade game, in which you have to escape an ever-growing snake.
There is also an application version available for download.


Crystal Caves

A lesser-known side-scrolling platform game by Apogee, powered by js-dos.



id Software's classic first-person shooter, which paved the way for all
modern FPS games. Play the shareware episode through our js-dos applet.



An MS-DOS game based on Connect-4, powered by js-dos. Connect 4 counters in a straight line to win.


Fall-Zone II

A very simple yet addictive MS-DOS strategy game, in which you must collect hearts
while avoiding the mines that are constantly falling around you. Powered by js-dos.


Galactix (platform)

A pair of basic, but difficult, 2D platform adventure games, originally for MS-DOS.


Jazz Jackrabbit

An addictive side-scrolling platform shooter, powered by js-dos, in which you play as Jazz Jackrabbit,
a green anthropomorphic hare, and do battle against tortoises (think The Tortoise and the Hare).



A very basic, but fun, micro-scale 2D platform game, where you fly around
on a jetpack, collecting all the precious gems to complete each level.


D3 JezzBall

A JavaScript version of the classic 16-bit Windows game, JezzBall.
A very simple but highly addictive game, where timing is everything.



A retro-style arcade game, in which you control a bouncing ball and have to work your way up to the top
of the level, without bumping into hazzards. There is also an application version available for download.


Mille Bornes

A French, auto racing-themed card game, in which 2 players (you and the computer) compete in a
700 km race, while trying to hinder each other's journey with hazard cards. Powered by js-dos.



Although this version of Snake was written as a QBasic sample program using ASCII characters for graphics,
it is actually rather advanced. Its features include different level designs instead of just the standard
empty field, and a 2-player mode, which allows 2 people to play simultaneously on the same computer.



An advanced Pac-Man clone made for MS-DOS. Powered by js-dos.


Pyramid Solitaire

A solitaire (or patience) card game, in which cards begin placed in the shape of a pyramid,
and have to be removed in pairs or singles whose values total 13. Powered by js-dos.


Scrabble: The Deluxe Computer Edition

An MS-DOS version of the popular word-based parlour game, powered by js-dos. This version
allows 2 to 4 players (on the same computer), consisting of any combination of humans and bots.


Tyrian 2000

A classic, but advanced MS-DOS vertically-scrolling shoot 'em up. Powered by js-dos.


Viking (Hnefatafl)

An MS-DOS version of the Viking strategy board game, Hnefatafl, powered by js-dos. Play against the AI or
another human player. Hnefatafl isn't as complex a game as chess, but it can still be just as challenging.


Wolfenstein 3D

One of id Software's earlier creations, before they brought us Doom.
Considered by many to be the first "proper" first-person shooter game.


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